Application Development

Application Development - Delivering high-performance applications through agility and precision

Creating Competitive advantage

At Technology Ranger, we believe that application development can present huge opportunities for delivering competitive advantage - not just for established organizations but also for business start-ups.  But the key to unlocking those opportunities lie in following a tried and tested application development methodology.

Our team of application developers have the knowledge and experience to offer application solutions that:

  • leverage leading-edge application development tools and technologies
  • use highly effective project management skills such as Agile, Waterfall  and blended approaches
  • bring knowledge of Lean Start-up methodology,
  • are based on a "total solution" approach as opposed to "application delivery" approach

Whether it's a conventional desk-top application, an n-Tier/Client-Server solution, or a cloud-hosted SaaS solution, Technology Ranger has all the expertise needed to ensure the quality and reliability of the application.

Our Application Development Services Offerings

Technology Ranger offers a wide range of application development services, not just for business clients but also to application service providers and application hosting companies.  Our services include:

  • web application development and integration
  • Client-server applications development and integration
  • Cloud-based application development and integration
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions
  • producing Mobile and mobile-enabled apps and applications

Our competitive advantage lies in our highly effective project management skills that we bring to every development assignment. From methodologies like SDLC to Lean Startup to Agile, our experts know how to bring in a project on time, quality and within budget - every time!



Adding Value to Our Clients & Partners

Application development has developed into an art as well as a science over the past decade or so. But not every company can afford to staff itself with scientists and artists for the entire duration of a development project.


The value proposition that Technology Rangers offers includes:


  • familiarity with business processes, technology challenges and people/end-user requirements
  • extensive expertise with the latest application development tools and technologies
  • deep knowledge of a broad range of development environments
  • solid experience in successfully monitoring and managing application development projects using effective project management methodologies