IT Solutions Architecture

IT Solutions Architecture - Solutions for success

Architecting Your Success

A well thought out and strategically planned IT Solutions Architecture can be the foundation stone for the long-term sustainability of a company. Whether you are:

  • a relatively recent business start-up
  • an established business that's experiencing phenomenal growth
  • a market-leader in your niche who has recently acquired a new business
  • a forward-looking enterprise with ambitions to leverage the power of cloud computing, need to architect your future, and that of your clients, with precision and foresight. Without that, existing IT Solutions could soon evolve into a great collection of patch-worked fixes that hinder, instead of facilitating, future success.

Many of Chicago-based Technology Ranger's clients are therefore turning to us to provide them dynamic IT Solutions Architecture services that support their long-term visions for success.

Our IT Solutions Architecture Services

We, at Technology Ranger, help ensure your future success today, by designing, developing and deploying reliable high-trafficked, scalable, highly available, secure architectures for IT solutions architecture for cloud computing environments and datacenter network infrastructure of tomorrow.

Some of our expertise centers on:

  • proposing architecture revisions after analysing network and resource usage
  • researching and evaluating business directions and technical trends in support of appropriate IT architecture
  • helping with implementation and maintenance of corporate architectural models
  • planning critical multi-site and multi-partner networks in a 99.9% uptime environment
  • evaluating existing and future technologies to identify and architect commercial network road maps
  • designing of HA (High Availability) IT solutions architecture for hosting and supporting your critical application requirements
  • planning and designing DMZ's, Backbone's and Core architecture with no single point of failure
  • technically scoping out and proposing architecture for infrastructure and cloud based solutions

Technology Ranger is ideally placed to support business leaders and application, service and infrastructure solutions providers within the Chicago area and beyond, in delivering these and a whole slate of architectural services.

Adding Value to Our Clients & Partners

The job of an IT solutions architecture expert is never done. Technology Ranger provides continuous value to its clients and business partners, in industry, service delivery and consulting sector, by offering them the flexibility to ramp-up or draw-down critical yet scarce expertise:

  • tap into our experience to service your clients on an "as needed" basis
  • let us help you with specialized knowledge on SaaS and Cloud computing projects
  • let us serve as an independent adviser on your team for "one off" IT architecture projects

Our depth of knowledge and personalized service delivery model are two pillars that set us apart from the rest of our peers. And that's just one way we bring value to the table!