Business Workflow Automation

Business Workflow Automation - Helping our clients do more with less!

Put your focus where it's needed most

Whether you are a company executive, a business leader, a front-line manager or an in-the-trenches star performer for your organization; there's always something else that needs your attention. At Technology Ranger, a Chicago-based IT solutions provider, we are sensitive to our client's need for business workflow automation to help them do much more with their limited time and resources.

And that's why we are a Silver Partner of Parker Software. This enabled us to become advanced business workflow and email automation solutions provider, to enable you to automate workflows across your organization.

  • Automatically process email messages,
  • update database records,
  • parse Twitter feeds,
  • Read and process web pages,
  • monitor RSS feeds,
  • Process Excel spreadsheets...
  • and similar information from multiple sources

Then, automatically extract relevant information from these sources and trigger automated responses/processes to address the needs emanating from the inbound messages. While you focus on what needs your attention the most, our business workflow automation service solutions will deal with the rest! Companies like Cisco.

Our Business Workflow Automation Services Offerings

Email2DB is an integrated email and electronic message parser, message automation server and email server - all wrapped into a single solution. As an Authorized Silver Partner for Email2DB, our experts deliver innovative business workflow automation solutions to our clients for a range of applications, including:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Salesforce
  • AutoTask
  • Twitter
  • Email Parsing
  • Email to Database
  • Email Migration
  • Monitoring DBS Changes
  • Monitoring Web Changes
  • Auto Responder
  • Processing Web Forms

Whether you are looking for an Enterprise solution, a Data Center application or a Hosted automation solution, Technology Ranger has the expertise to provide you exactly what you need.

Sample Use Cases

Automate the migration of any IMAP or POP3 mailbox to Exchange or Office 365

Parsing e-mail orders for e-Commerce Automation

Created Automatic tickets in AutoTask

In some cases VPN or other types of connections are impossible due to policy or geography, operating system incompatibility, database type difference, hardware type etc.  We can solve this problem by developing advanced automation to update two or more computer systems via email.

Convert email leads from any source to a record in the CRM

Send SMS automated message on certain events

Create automated  PDF purchase order receipts.

Make outbound call on select events using Twilio API

Adding Value to Our Clients & Partners

Consider this fact:


A "typical" Sales Rep uses 12% of his/her time on Order Processing, and 23% on Administration. Other industries might have higher percentages of time dedicated to "non value added" activities. What if even half of that time could be clawed back and put into core revenue-generating activities?


Our business workflow automation service is all about helping our clients take normally routine tasks away from their teams, through intelligent business process automation, and allowing additional time to be put into core business tasks. The result:


  • Client teams have more time to focus on value-added processes/tasks
  • Less time is wasted chasing and monitoring emails and other message feeds
  • Chances of errors and omissions (due to the mundane nature of routine tasks) are dramatically reduced
  • Workflow automation enhances overall workforce motivation