Professional IT Consulting That Delivers Value!


Our Consulting Philosophy


Dynamic and approachable, Technology Ranger is an IT consulting company serving the Chicago area, which strives to differentiate ourselves through our service delivery. Our specialization is in helping companies with various profiles, including:

  • Business start-ups
  • Recently merged or acquired entities
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth

…to fully leverage the new paradigm of Cloud Computing power.

Our Services

When it comes to offering our services, Technology Rangers' mission is to be seen as the technology consulting partner of choice by our clients in the Chicago area.  And to meet that objective, we have assembled a diverse range of consulting services that our clients can benefit from, including:

  • IT  project planning & scoping
  • Strategic IT resource reviews
  • Startup/small business IT consulting
  • IT systems and process planning/reviews
  • Technology roadmap reviews
  • IT procurement
  • IT services delivery planning/organizing
  • IT project management

We realize that no consulting firm can ever "do it all alone!" And in the spirit of offering our clients a full range of consulting services, we have developed strategic partnerships with a number of like-minded Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to offer value-added services to our clients. While our clients still see us as their single point of contact throughout the engagement, they also benefit from us being a one-stop, full-service IT consulting company!

Bringing Value to Our Clients & Partners

We bring years of IT Consulting experience and expertise to bear on every project we undertake. Whether it is an IT Strategy Development assignment for a start-up venture, a Disaster Recovery Planning project for a recently acquired business, or an IT consulting assignment for a growing corporation, our clients benefit from our:

  • Customer-centric methodologies
  • Personalized, consultative approach
  • Depth of knowledge
  • Years of experience
  • Proven technology consulting and project management skills
  • High standards of professionalism

Our recipe to deliver value includes all of these ingredients pulled together in measured proportions. Clients and partners from every spectrum of business will enjoy the benefits of our value-added-services, including:

Small to medium business:

  • Reduce your IT cost by switching to a usage based model
  • Receive cost effective solutions for a fraction of the price
  • Count on exceptional customer service regardless of the size of your enterprise

Medium to large business:

  • Fill in the gap where in-house resources lack the required experience
  • Enjoy cost advantages by paying only a fraction of the cost needed to lead and teach local staff
  • Gain Provide CIO services and outside independent view on cost saving strategies

Service providers and VARs (Value Added Resellers):

  • Get access to additional, highly-skilled resources when needed to fill in on your projects


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