What is vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS)

What is vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS)?

It is Infrastructure-as-as-service provided by VMware. It main advantage of the vCHS is the set of management tools for Cloud operation that is based on vSphere and already familiar to most of the systems administrators that are using VMware product. vCHS able to provide Dedicated or Virtual Privet compute+network+storage cloud.
Dedicated Cloud vCHS provides you isolated CPU and RAM, but the rest of the network and storage is stile leveraged, however, secured and logically segregated. You will also receive a dedicated management stack on Dedicated vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS).
Your minimum setup for Dedicated vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) is as following:

Compute: 120G RAM and 30GHz CPU
Storage: min 6 TB
Network: min 50 Mbps with 1Gbps burst, 3 IPv4 public IPs.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) vCloud Hybrid Service providing shared pools of CPU and RAM, while Network and Storage leveraged and securely isolated. All  loads are evenly balanced across the infrastructure.

Your minimum setup for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) is as following:

Compute: 20G RAM and 5GHz CPU
Storage: min 2 TB
Network: min 10 Mbps with 50Mbps burst, 2 IPv4 public IPs.

What is Virtual Datacenter (VDC)?

It is a combination of compute + storage + network that is managed and orchestrated by a service provider and that is defined by a single set of management tools. Dedicated and VPC vCloud Hybrid Service are examples of Virtual Datacenter. You can have multiple Dedictaed Virtual Datacenters, because your set of management tools are segregated. However you cna have only one Virtual Datacenter with Virtual Private Cloud VPC offering. There you have a single management point and resources  leveraged and dynamically loaded.



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