CDW Supplier Diversity Program Success Story

CDW Supplier Diversity program Success Story

With the newly created Supplier Diversity program, we have had several successes of increasing opportunities and awarding contracts to diverse suppliers. An example of one of these successes was in our Marketing Operations department. A small minority printing company from Chicago had contacted CDW on a number of occasions to ask for an opportunity to meet with our print procurement team. After a review of capabilities and experience it was determined CDW didn’t have an immediate need and wasn’t sure if there would be one anytime soon. Undaunted, the vendor did a great job of following up and within a few weeks was contacted for a special print project by the CDW team. The vendor provided pricing as requested and even suggested an alternative paper product with similar look and feel but at a lesser cost. With samples and press check, CDW proceeded with the alternative product and saved several thousand dollars. This example is a true testament that diverse suppliers not only bring quality and expertise but are focused on meeting cost savings goals of the organization. Without that introduction, they may have not had the opportunity to bid and CDW wouldn’t have saved that money.
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