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CDW Supplier Diversity Program Success Story

CDW Supplier Diversity program Success Story With the newly created Supplier Diversity program, we have had several successes of increasing opportunities and awarding contracts to diverse suppliers. An example of one of these successes was in our Marketing Operations department. A small minority printing company from Chicago had contacted CDW on a number of occasions…
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Technology Ranger is your leader

There are many ways to run an enterprise and both ways can generate revenuer. There is only one way to make something more then just a profit. The company run by leaders vs managers creates values beyond what you can measure with a stock price. Ultimately it creates organisation that is more adaptable to a rapidly changing market conditions. Companies run by leaders  will survive and strive when things get rough and when it matters most.

Alina Herman

What is privet Cloud?

This is just beautiful  representation of what truly going on in the in industry. Those who don't have cloud, just call it that. In the end, who will argue the point?

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