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Service Chaining in Contrail Learning Byte

The Basic Service Chaining in Contrail Learning Byte covers how to configure a basic service chain within Contrail. This byte is most appropriate for users who are new to working with Contrail or anyone looking for a quick-start guide of how to configure a basic service chain within Contrail.

Software Due Diligence for Acquisition

Whether you are thinking of acquiring software or performing assessment for somebody else there are a couple of main questions you need to have answered. Section 1 Environment Was the environment properly maintained and documented? A. Is there an active disaster recovery plan in place? i.e. Offsite backups; GIO redundancy; Contingency Plan? B. How well…
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Industry Revenue Comparison Chart

  We compared numbers from iExpert reports published by IBISWorld for 2014 cross 4 industries. With average of 14.7% of profit cross all industries, the software industry is leading the way with 29.4% profit margin. Among IT related fields consulting has the least attractive margins at 7.6%, that is half of combined industries average.  …
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CDW Supplier Diversity Program Success Story

CDW Supplier Diversity program Success Story With the newly created Supplier Diversity program, we have had several successes of increasing opportunities and awarding contracts to diverse suppliers. An example of one of these successes was in our Marketing Operations department. A small minority printing company from Chicago had contacted CDW on a number of occasions…
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